What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Are you looking for quick and noticeable results in brightening your smile? You’ve probably heard about visiting a dental professional for teeth whitening, but you might not have realized that often the procedure is performed using laser technology.

Laser teeth whitening is considered to be the wave of the future for transforming smiles from dull to beautiful in only an hour. Most patients can expect their teeth to lighten somewhere between 5 and 10 shades. Approved by the FDA in 1996, it is a popular service that many dentists offer.

Lasers were introduced as a method for teeth whitening in response to patient dissatisfaction with traditional bleaching methods, which can produce pain and inflammation. Some patients find bleaching too uncomfortable to withstand in an effort to brighten their smiles. Instead, lasers focus on a very precise area so that side effects common to other methods may be avoided.

Another appealing characteristic to laser whitening is that it speeds up the process. Most other methods take a couple of weeks up to months to achieve desired results, while laser whitening is performed in a single office visit. Dramatic results are possible in just one hour. A portion of that time doesn’t even involve the use of lasers, but taking time to protect the soft tissues of the mouth to avoid potential side effects.

The most common type of laser technology used for teeth whitening is the argon laser. Chemicals are placed on the teeth and then laser light is administered to enhance the chemical reaction and color change. After whitening, the dentist usually treats the teeth with fluoride to provide a brighter shine and strengthen the teeth.

After laser teeth whitening, it’s up to the patient to help ensure long-lasting results. Avoiding common items that stain teeth, such as coffee, soda, tobacco, dark sauces and more is advised. Some dentists provide a take-home kit including a customized tray and special gel to help maintain the new whiter smile. Laser whitening is a process that many patients rave about because of the minimal hassles and outstanding results.

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