Ways Your Smile Can Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental treatments that focus on the appearance of your smile have become more popular than ever before. Cosmetic dentists have the expertise and experience to give you a whole new beautiful smile, perhaps the one you’ve dreamed about but never knew was possible. It is within reach with a visit to your cosmetic dentist!

You may not realize all of the ways that your smile might benefit from cosmetic dental procedures. Advancements in technology allow transformations to be much easier and more painless than they used to be.

What are some examples of smile improvements available through cosmetic dentistry?

Teeth whitening

Drinking coffee or sodas, eating dark sauces, smoking, and other habits cause teeth to discolor over time. Professional teeth whitening restores your pearly whites using concentrated bleaching gel and ultraviolet light. You can achieve dramatic and quick whitening results in your cosmetic dentist’s chair.

Dental veneers

Thin shells made of porcelain cover the fronts of your teeth to alter their color, shape, and entire look. Problems like spaces, chips, odd shapes, misalignments, and stains are all hidden under these durable restorations.


Dental crowns or caps cover existing teeth that are damaged or weakened in some way. Crowns are used to offer protection, secure bridges, hide fillings, cover implants, complete root canal procedures, hide discolorations, and more.


Another option for hiding chips or cracks, eliminating gaps, or filling small cavities is bonding. Tooth-colored composite resin is applied to the tooth’s surface and then blended in to restore its appearance in one painless, quick visit.

Dental implants

A permanent alternative to the hassles of dentures for replacing missing teeth are dental implants. These involve inserting a titanium post into your jaw so that it becomes part of your bone, and then capping it off with a crown. Implants are natural-looking and secure.

Enamel shaping

Sometimes a tooth’s flaw has to do with its enamel becoming worn or damaged. Enamel can be removed or contoured to improve the tooth’s look.

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